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Misconception around Canadian Pension Plan’s risk of running out; Philippines recall Canadian ambassador and consul amidst garbage dispute

Canadian pension won’t deplete as Baby Boomers retire

Canadians should stop worrying about the state of their national pension plans. That’s according to a report from the CBC that said many Canadians are unsure of the security of their CPP money. Financial advisors say the government can’t take from the funds and there is no concern the $392 billion will run out as baby boomers retire.

Ontario must make referrals in best interest of patients

The Ontario courts have forced doctors to give referrals to patients for services that go against their morals or religious beliefs. The appeal to change the referral requirement was dismissed. This means even if a doctor doesn’t personally believe in things like assisted dying or abortion they still must make the referral if it’s best for the patient.

Truckloads of Canadian garbage still in Philippines 

The Philippines said its diminished diplomatic presence in Canada will continue until the garbage is on ships and heading out of their country. The Associate Press reports the country is recalling its ambassador and consul. Filipino officials say truckloads of Canadian garbage were shipped to their country illegally.

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Canada will take its time before considering Huawei ban

Canada has been warned it might be limited in the intelligence it gets if it doesn’t follow the U.S. in banning Huawei technology. President Trump made an executive order to prohibit his country’s companies from using the Chinese tech equipment. Justin Trudeau says it won’t rush to a decision but one is possible before October’s federal election.


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