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Clean Yard Policy By-Law Proposed to be Put in Place in Bancroft

The Community Development Committee put forward a “Clean Yards Policy” by-law for council to vote on.

Mayor Paul Jenkins tells My Bancroft Now that it allows the town to get “unsightly areas” cleaned. “With the clean yards by-law, it gives us the ability to act quicker,” he says about getting messy properties cleaned. “We’re trying to promote our town, promote growth so we need to put our best foot forward at all times.”

“It’s every property owner’s responsibility to keep their property in decent condition,” Jenkins says. He explains that a by-law officer will inspect the yard and if deemed uncompliant with the by-law, he will serve the owner notice to clean it up. The notice will have the date that the land needs to be cleaned up by. Jenkins says that if that date comes and goes and nothing it was done by the property owner, someone will be brought in to clean it up or Town staff will do it. The cost of the clean-up will then get added to the property owner’s tax bill.

“We’re more than willing to work with people,” Jenkins adds about getting people’s yards cleaned. He says this is going to be a “nudge and a reminder” to clean your property up at first with it becoming forceful as a last resort.

Council will vote on this proposed by-law at their next meeting on June 4th,

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