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New Drone Laws to Come Into Effect June 1st

Drone operators will soon need a licence to fly the skies.

The new rules have drone operations fall under the Canadian Aviation Regulations and need the proper paperwork to operate. Drones are now subject to relevant sections of the Criminal Code of Canada. These sections include Offenses to Air and Maritime Safety, break and enter and mischief. They will also be subject to the province’s trespassing act, and laws regarding privacy and voyeurism.

The government urges operators to get a certificate and register their drone. When flying, the government requires you to keep a line of sight with your drone at all times and fly below 122 meters. The drone should always avoid emergency areas, advertised events and airports. Drone operators must always stay well away from other aircraft. Individuals breaking the rules can face a fine of up to $3000. Breaking more than one rule comes with harsher penalties and even jail time.

The regulations come into effect on June 1st. Drone pilots can get started with applying for a certificate here.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar

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