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Tiny Homes an Option in Hastings Highlands

A smaller, more affordable housing option for residents in Hastings Highlands could become an option soon.

That is because council discussed allowing “tiny homes” to be built on municipally-owned land. This comes after they were approached by North Hastings Community Trust to see if the project is viable.

He says since they are smaller than traditional homes, the maintenance and overall costing is “significantly less.” It’s an option for people who are looking for affordable housing – which he admits there is a lack of in the area – or for people who are down-sizing. “It’s a way of having people in a brand new home that doesn’t cost a lot,” he says.

One part that may need more discussion is the size of the homes. They can be no bigger than 850 square feet, but some can be as small as 380. “Physically that might be a doable thing, physiologically that may be a little different,” Bodnar says.

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“A lot of people that want a single family home can’t afford the structures that are being built currently,” Bodnar says about the smaller, more affordable homes. He adds that there is still a lot that needs to be worked out.

A report is being done up by Hastings Highlands’ building and planning department, operations department and North Hastings Community Trust. That will be brought back to council at a later date.

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