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Chinese Ambassador to Canada advises against banning Huawei; Trudeau in U.K. for D-Day commemorations

Huawei security concerns being called “baseless” by China

China doesn’t want Canada to be influenced by the U.S. and join them in banning Huawei technology. The country’s ambassador called the security concerns around potentially removing the brand from Canada’s 5G network “baseless.” Justin Trudeau said he won’t make a decision until the Canadian Security Agency finished an investigation.

 Soldiers who made ultimate sacrifice in Normandy commemorated in U.K.

Justin Trudeau is in the U.K. for D-Day commemorations. Wednesday marked 75 years since thousands of Canadian, Americana and British soldiers boated to the shores of Nazi-occupied France. Over 350 Canadian soldiers died and more than 700 were injured in one of the most important battles of World War II.

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U.S. citizens no longer allowed to cruise to Cuba

Just three years after former President Barack Obama made history allowing U.S. residents to vacation to Cuba, Donald Trump has reversed it. Trump is cutting off cruise travel in an attempt to prevent cash flow to the communist country. U.S. travellers will have to revert back to going through other countries and travel agencies too if they want to visit Cuba.

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