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St. Matthew’s United Church Hosting Spirituality Talks Every Weekend

As a way to celebrate 100 years in Baptiste Village, St. Matthews United Church will be hosting Sunday Night Live as a way add meaning and spirit to their lives with something the church wouldn’t normally do.

Reverand Lynn Watson says the talks will look to connect spirituality to things like economics, sensuality and sports among other topics.

The idea came from the feedback she got about how she and the church can better engage the community. “I heard certain things like I’m really busy, I don’t have time and frankly the sermons are uninspiring,” Watson says. She says she wants to find a way to help people recognize that the church is there for them. “For them to actually find a place that gives them belonging, interests them and captivates their imagination,” she continues.

There will be multiple talks hosted, with the first one coming up this Sunday on Father’s Day. Watson says the talk will be centred around comedy with her late father Art Young in mind. “He was the Town clown,” she says. The talk will feature some of her dad’s funny stories, but will focus on the place comedy has in church and how laughter is good for the soul.

All the talks will happen every Sunday at St. Matthew’s United Church in Baptiste Village. Sunday Night Live runs from June 16th until September 1st. All events will be at 7 PM.

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