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Smoke Testing to Begin in Bancroft

The purpose of the testing will be to find bad connections to the sanitary sewer.

Niall Quinlan is the manager with Inflow and Infiltration Services who will be undertaking the testing when it begins next week. He explains a white, smoke-like vapour will travel through the Town’s sewers to find any improper connections. He says residents should expect to see smoke in the street and outside buildings.

“Our sanitary sewers are designed to receive sanitary flow from our kitchens and washrooms, not rain or snowmelt that should go into the ground or rivers,” Quinlan says.  He adds that the sewers are only designed to take a certain amount of water. The sewer can become overwhelmed during or after a rainstorm and while snow is melting. “My understand is that it’s been getting progressively worse,” Quinlan says about Bancroft’s sanitary sewer system. This is another step the Town is taking to find out the problem, he says.

“If a change needs to be made that’s going to benefit the overall town, it needs to be done with consideration of the homeowner,” Quinlan notes. He adds each case will be handled on an individual basis.

While all affected homeowners will be notified before testing begins, Quinlan says representatives will be on-site during testing to answer any questions or handle concerns. The Town will also put out a notice to everyone in the coming days.

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