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Snowmobiling Can Create a lot of Cash

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has released a report about the economic impact of the 2018-19 snowmobiling season on the provincial economy.

The report said the pastime had the potential to add $1.6 to $3.3 billion to the economy during the season. That number depended on factors such as weather, which can depress numbers in any given season.

The report said that snowmobiling expenditures alone contribute more than $400 million in direct GDP and over $670 million in indirect GDP. The report said that almost 6,500 jobs were created because of the snowmobile industry and added $216 million in taxes across all levels of government. The total economic activity snowmobiling had in Ontario during the 2018-19 season was estimated to be $1.6 billion dollars.

The OFSC also acknowledged that poor weather hinders how much money is generated by the past time. It said that in ideal weather conditions, snowmobiling can generate up to $3.3 billion in total economic activity. The report looks at the numbers from the 2013-14 snowmobile season, where the weather was best, and the 18-19 season, and compared the two benchmarks.

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OFSC CEO Ryan Eickmeier said snowmobiling continues to be the major driver of Ontario’s winter economy. He says through their partnership with the Ontario government, that impact will be felt for years to come.

The full report can be found on OFSC’s website.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar

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