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It will take a while for Canadian astronaut to get used to gravity again; Ford cancels Canada Day celebrations at Ontario legislature

David St. Jacques essentially spent six months in bed not moving, according to doctor

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will have a long road to recovery. That is according to The Canadian Press. The media outlet spoke with a doctor who compared Saint-Jacques’ 204 days in space as spending that whole time in bed not moving. His cardiovascular system isn’t used to fighting gravity and there are muscles he hasn’t used in half a year.

Doug Ford cancels half-century old Canada Celebration

A decline in attendance is being blamed for the Ontario government cancelling traditional Canada Day celebrations. The provincial government says it will instead put $80,000 towards free entry to other attractions around the province. The celebration has happened outside the legislature since 1967 but only had 5,000 people come out last year, down 20,000 a decade ago.

B.C. government surveying residents to gauge interest in sticking with one time

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British Columbia is considering not changing the clocks anymore. The provincial government has a survey out to see how its residents feel about changing to permanent daylight savings time. The survey comes after Washington State and California made the decision. Saskatchewan is the only province to completely stop changing the time.

Freshwater found under ocean could help countries lacking access 

A giant freshwater reservoir was found under the Atlantic Ocean. It is giving researchers hope there could be more around the world which could help areas are that are running low on fresh water. The reservoir stretches from Massachusetts to New Jersey. For comparison, it would create a lake almost double Lake Ontario.

Canada could help Via Rail with new rail network

Via Rail wants to create a multibillion-dollar rail network and it looks like they’ll get help from the federal government. Transport minister Marc Garneau is expected to make the announcement later today in Quebec. The network is planned for Ontario and Quebec so Via doesn’t have to yield to freight trains.


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