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Highlands East Handing Out Septic System Advice

With ongoing concerns over the health of lakes in the area and more individually the health of your septic system, Highlands East has provided a series of do’s and don’ts to treat your septic right.

“What you put into your septic system greatly affects its ability to function and perform its job as intended,” they say. “A septic tank and system contain living organisms that breakdown, digest and treat sewage waste.” The municipality says that it’s not designed to treat any garbage or waste other than sewage waste. “Any solids that shouldn’t enter the tank will simply build up and eventually need to be pumped or removed,” they add. The more solids that go in means you will need to clean the tank more often.

“Educating all members of the household in the operation and care of the system and what should and shouldn’t be put into the system can save a lot of problems and money while prolonging the life of your system,” the municipality says. “This also protects the health of your property and the surrounding environment.”

In terms of installing septic systems, the do’s are to contact the municipality to do with any building expansion and use a professional person to do the work. They also not to expand the size of your dwelling or building without having the current system checked, try repairing the system without a pro, or do any work on it without the proper permits.

Even more suggestions for a healthy septic system can be found on the municipality’s website.

Written by Phil McCabe

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