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Film Shot in Madawaska Valley Ready for Festival Circuit

After months of filming and post-production, a movie shot in the Valley is ready for release.

The Manhattan Project was filmed in Barry’s Bay and the surrounding area. Writer and Director Mathew Campanile says the movie is finished and the goal now is to promote it. He says the way to truly get it out there was to put it through the film festival circuit. Festivals have press and distributors, and Campanile says the plan is to hit 15 different festivals across Canada. He hopes the film will then start to get buzz and be attractive to a distributor who wants to bring the film worldwide.

Campanile is hoping to get into a festival in Ontario where the local cast and crew who worked on the film will be able to see their work with a live audience on the big screen.

Campanile said he wrote the film specifically to be set in the Madawaska Valley and Area. He says time he spent in the Valley had a profound effect on how he sees the world. He said visiting the Valley was a great way to get away from a lot of stresses of city life and wanted to write something set in the area. Once he had the script written, a local friend reached out to the acting community in Bancroft, as well as the surrounding municipalities. Campanile said the communities welcomed him with open arms and were happy to share a story that featured the location. Local actors from the theatre community were recruited and the word was put out for background extras. Campanile says he has had nothing but support from the community and town councils even offered locations and shut down roads to assist with filming.

Campanile said to look attractive to distributors, they want to see an interest in the film.  To do that, Campanile urges fans to follow the Manhattan Project on social media and share the trailer. You can follow the film and its crew on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar

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