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Danforth mass shooting happened one year ago today; Trump wouldn’t be re-elected if Canadians could vote

Ceremony and vigil mark the one year anniversary since two died and 13 injured in Toronto shooting

It’s been one year since two people were killed and 13 others injured in the Danforth mass shooting. There was a ceremony yesterday which was attended by a couple of hundred people. There is a vigil planned tonight set to begin at 8:51, the exact time the shooting began one year ago.

Majority of Canadian’s wouldn’t vote for Trump if given the chance

Donald Trump certainly wouldn’t get re-elected if Canadians could choose the next U.S. President. According to an Abacus Data survey, 80 per cent of the 1,500 asked would take any of the five potential democratic candidate leaders over Trump. Almost half of Canadians didn’t know which of the five they’d prefer though.

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Mexican asylum program needs Canada’s help

Canada is being asked to do more when it comes to refugees south of the border. CTV News reported now that Mexico has been declared a “safe country” earlier this month, Canada needs to support the Mexican asylum program. The request came from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He wants Canada to help cover the costs of staffing and training.

Tran Mountain still looking to acquire over 1,000 land deals. 

Hundreds of landowners along the route of the Transmountain Pipeline expansion haven’t signed off on allowing it to cross over the ground. The CBC is reporting that the company is still working on acquiring over 1,000 land contracts. There are concerns by owners that they won’t get a say in the matter. None of the remaining land deals are owned by First Nation groups

New photos of Prince George released

The future king of England turns six today. Three new photographs were released of Prince George from Kensington Palace. According to the Associated Press, It has become a tradition for his mother Kate to release photos of the prince leading up to his birthday. Two of the pictures show George in an English Soccer jersey, the other is of him on a family vacation.

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