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Five Buildings to be Decommissioned in Hastings Highlands

Hastings Highlands council has made decisions on five buildings in the municipality, with more on the horizon.

“Because we have so many (facilities), we’re looking at the ones that are not being used and we’re going to surplus some of them,” CAO Pat Pilgrim explains.

The Lake St. Peter Outdoor Rink and Purdy Outdoor Rink will be dismantled and removed. The Bangor Community Centre and Musclow Community Centre will be decommissioned and put up for sale, according to Mayor Vic Bodnar’s Mayor’s Diary Facebook page. The municipality will also be looking to get quotes on a new sand dome since the one they have been using has been torn down.

Council did pass a motion to look into “alternative recreational options” for Lake St. Peter and Purdy. A report on that will be presented to council at their August 14th meeting.

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“When council amalgamated, they took on all the buildings of the former municipalities,” Pilgrim says. “So now they’re looking at what ones are being used and what ones are not being used.”

“We haven’t looked at any fire department buildings yet,” Pilgrim says. Council toured the fire halls in Hastings Highlands in March. At the time, Bodnar told My Bancroft Now that there are only two halls of major concern, one of which was in Lake St. Peter. The problem with that hall was that there wasn’t enough space.

Pilgrim says council will circle back to make decisions on the local fire halls at a later time.

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