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Co-Organizer of Maynooth Pride Says This Year it Will be Important to be Visible

This is not the first year a pride promenade will be held in Maynooth, but it is one of its most important years.

Co-Organizer Joey Shulman says that’s because of the debate that was had in Hastings Highlands over whether or not the municipality’s flag policy should be amended. Council decided to not make any changes. “I think for a number of observers the world really went upside down,” Shulman says of the divisive debate that happened before, during, and after council’s decision.

There will be a new route this year. It will under the arch of the Logger’s Field behind the old Maynooth Community Centre. They will walk to the Hastings Highlands municipal office to have a moment of silence in front of the three flag poles. “To recognize how divisive the debate was and how much harder we have to work to get a positive result next year,” Shulman says.

“This year it’s important to be visible,” he says. Shulman says he hopes to see families join the festivities. He notes there will be activities for kids inside the community centre. Leading up to the promenade this Sunday at 4, there will be other events.  On Thursday, members of the community will read books that inspire them at the Hastings Highlands Libary from 6 PM until 8 and a dance and outdoor bonfire will be hosted at The Arlington on the 3rd.

Shulman also gave a shoutout to the Bancroft Community Family Health Team is helping to cover the costs of the event along with the North Hastings Family Pharmacy and others in the community.

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