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Film Shot in Madawaska Valley And Maynooth Set For Premiere at Toronto Independent Film Festival

“It’s a really big deal,” writer and director of “The Manhattan Project” Matthew Campanile says of the film’s upcoming premiere.

It’s set to debut at the Toronto Independent Film Festival on September 11th. Campanile says that Toronto is one of the biggest cities for film in the world, so having the movie premiere there is exciting. He adds that the Toronto International Film Festival is happening at the same time so he’s hoping to have an audience from around the world see his film.

The movie was primarily shot in the Madawaska Valley last year, but there are scenes that were shot at The Arlington in Maynooth featuring locals.

“One other way that we’re hoping to travel around Canada next year to cities outside of major cities where the audiences can connect with the sense of community in the film,” Campanile says. While that’s in the plans, he adds that he’s still applied to over 50 film festivals in hopes of getting a coveted slot.

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Campanile’s big goal is to get the film on a streaming site like Netflix. Before that happens, he hopes to have the movie shown in the Madawaska Valley and in North Hastings as well. He says nothing has been planned in that regard yet, though.

If you want to go to the Toronto premiere, there is only 25 tickets left, Campanile says. You can find out how to get a ticket through the movie’s Facebook page.

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