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Fire Marshall’s Office And Bancroft Fire Department Warn of Fire Safety Risk When Using Ethanol-Fueled Appliances

Ontario’s Fire Marshal Jon Pegg and the Bancroft Fire Department are warning residents about the dangers of ethanol-fueled appliances. Pegg notes that they’re commonly known as tabletop fire features or pots.

They could cause a fire hazard known as “flame-jetting.” That happens when fuel vapours are ignited when refuelling an appliance that has not been fully extinguished.

“Make sure any flames in an ethanol-fueled appliance are fully out and that it is cold to the touch before refuelling,” Deputy Fire Chief with the Bancroft Fire Department Matt Musclow explains. You should also make sure no one is near the appliance when refuelling and to use a fuel container that has a flame arrestor.

“Ontario has recorded multiple fatalities and serious injuries related to the refuelling of these ethanol-fueled appliances this year,” Pegg says. The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management has started 11 investigations involving the use of these appliances.

The Fire Marshall’s Office posted a video to pass along more tips on how to be safer when using ethanol-fueled appliances.

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