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Winter Maintenance to be Done by Town of Bancroft, Not Contracted Out

As a way to keep costs down and find efficiencies within the Public Works department, winter maintenance will be done by the Town.

For 2018, it cost Bancroft $80,000 to contract the work out to local company Basil Cox & Sons. Public Works Manager Perry Kelly says that by doing it in-house this year they will be able to save money. It’s worth noting that is cost the Town $114,000 in 2017 to contract out their winter maintenance program.

Kelly says he won’t know the cost or savings until after the season. With the savings though, Kelly hopes to be able to reduce the works department’s operating budget or create reserves to go towards equipment purchases or staffing costs.

“We’ll be able to use our own equipment and mitigate our salt usage to try to reduce the salt consumption on highways,” Kelly explains. He adds that minor maintenance is needed on the four trucks that will be used. Kelly says they are looking at a permanent salt storage facility but that “would be down the road.” They have a temporary spot that will be used this season.

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“Typically the way it worked with connecting link winter maintenance was they had one dedicated truck to it, not a fleet,” Kelly explains about what has been done in the past. There will be four trucks on the road that will cover the Connecting Link roads along with the four other plowing routes.

Kelly says to not expect a decline in service.

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