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Conservatives and Liberals neck and neck in the polls; Canada’s richest see income increase faster than the rest of country

If numbers hold up, Canada could see minority government

It is a dead heat for support between the Conservatives and Liberals. The latest Nanos Research poll has the parties at just over 35 per cent. A spokesperson for the organization said neither party has the upper hand. The NDP continues to sit around the 13 per cent mark while the Green Party dropped back into  single digits at just under nine. The spokesperson added it looks like Canada is headed for a minority government if these numbers hold up.

Canada’s top 1% sees income rate almost triple rest of country

Canada’s rich keep getting richer. According to new data from Statistics Canada, the country’s top one per cent saw their incomes grow at a faster rate than the rest of the field in 2017. While the average rate of income in Canada rose two and a half percent overall, the richest saw an increase of over 8 per cent.

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U.S. President Trump claims Biden planned to interfere with Ukrainian investigation

The transcript of U.S. President Donald Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President is the centre of his impeachment inquiry. Trump apparently asked the leader to help investigate political rival, Joe Biden. The president claimed Biden wanted to interfere with a Ukrainian investigation into the former vice president’s son.

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