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North Hastings Library CEO Says New Library Will be Community Driven

Bancroft’s municipal office was full last week during the meeting to detail the plans for North Hastings Public Library’s move.

Library CEO Kim McMunn explains that the meeting was focused on the location. The conceptual plans are done with a move to Club 580’s building in mind, but she says there are three other unspecified locations that are a possibility as well. “(Where we go) will be determined by what we can afford, what funding comes forward, how much community input we get, what becomes the most reasonable place to build for the library,” McMunn says.

Club 580 was the spot that was picked out by Bancroft’s previous council as where the library is likely to move, McMunn explains.

While it is a “great option” McMunn wants to make sure wherever they move is the best for the community, not just the library. “We want to be able o share with the schools, the college and others in the community,” she says.

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Technology was a hot topic during the meeting with the idea brought forward of a “tech booth.” It would be for musicians to use to work on furthering their careers. “Most of that is funded these days,” McMunn says. She says whatever is done with the new library needs to reflect the community as a whole.

The next steps are now to get funding. By the end of the month, McMunn and her team will have done up an application to get Investing in Canada Infrastructure funding. The government of Ontario’s website explains ICIP funding is for “support projects that improve the quality of life in rural and northern communities by responding to specific needs.”

McMunn says there is also a possibility of one or two more public meetings.

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