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Fire Prevention Week Serves as a Reminder About The Importance of Always Having a Back-up Plan

In school, they do fire drills every year to make sure students know what to do in the case of a fire and parents should be doing the same at home.

Fire Prevention Week runs from Monday, October 7th until the following Sunday. The Bancroft Fire Department will be visiting the schools in Bancroft to explain to kids fire safety at home. They will be bringing along the fire safety trailer to give kids tips on how to safely get out of their home if its on fire in a simulated environment

“At school, it’s drilled into them to know what to do when there’s a fire and we want parents to do the same at home,” the Bancroft Fire Department’s Deputy Fire Chief Matt Musclow says. He wants it to be second nature at home as well.

Musclow explains that parents should take the time practice their fire escape plan with their kids and make sure a back-up plan is in place. He says that while kids have the escape plan drilled into them at school, often it’s not the case at home.

Musclow says it’s also important to discuss with kids general fire safety at home like not playing with matches or lighters and to not fool around in the kitchen if they are helping their parents cook.

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