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Canada’s Newest Political Party Aims to Put The Country First

“Most importantly we stand for Canadians first,” People’s Party of Canada candidate Adam Grays says.

The Springbrook native explains that by cutting foreign aid they will be able to put one step forward in keeping Canadian money in Canada.

Gray explains the PPC will also look to cut-back on immigration. “We have lawsuits against Canada, lawsuits against the province of Quebec from non-Canadians who are not receiving services in a timely matter that they are required to have,” he says. Gray points out that his wife came to the country from Central America, so supporting these policies only makes it harder for her. “We just realize that it’s faltering right now and if we don’t make changes it’s going to fail completely,” he says. He adds that the PPC isn’t against immigration because they know it’s important for growth, but explains the amount coming in needs to be lowered, the “backlog” needs to be cleared so that they can reinvest in infrastructure. That way, Gray explains, those that do come in will be better helped.

He says that the PPC also wants to scrap the carbon tax. “We want to use advanced technology to clean the air and waterways,” Gray explains.  He points to BC who is using a “carbon catcher.” It sucks in the air before running it through filters that use chemicals to remove the carbon to create carbon dioxide pebals.  Gray says they can make money with it too since they could sell the carbon off to companies that use it to produce products. Over time, Gray explains that better technology will be invested. He adds that even with all that, trees will continue to be the best way to clean the air.

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If elected, Gray says he will have an office in Bancroft to go along with the one he currently has in Napanee. Above all else, he says he wants to bring “real jobs” to Canada. He explains that having steady, 9 to 5 jobs that you can make a living off of and have money waiting for you when you retire are what’s needed. “Something to help families actually move forward and have a better life,” Gray says.

Gray will go up against incumbent Liberal MP Mike Bossio, Conservative Derek Sloan, Green Party candidate Sari Watson and the NDP’s David Tough in the federal election on October 21st.

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