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Conservative Candidate Derek Sloan Says Their Platform is Based on “Affordability”

The Conservative’s candidate in Hastings-Lennox and Addington Derek Sloan says their plan is designed to “put more money in people’s pockets.”

He explains that with tax cuts like the universal tax cut, which he says will give the average Canadian couple $850, they will achieve that. Sloan says the Conservatives would also cut the carbon tax that was put in place by the Liberals. “We’re really going out of our way to make we’re getting more money in people’s pockets,” he says.

Sloan says they will also work to make things easier for parents. Maternity-leave will be made tax-free and RESPs will be “boosted” to help parents who are paying for their kid’s education. The Registered Education Savings Plan will go up to 30-percent from 20-percent for every dollar invested up to $2,500 a year. That means the maximum grant will go up to $750 from $500.

“Promises are one thing, but voters need to ask how the government will pay for this,” Sloan adds. “We take the voter’s trust very seriously.” He explains that they have worked on finding out how they will get the money they need for their plans. Sloan says foreign aid will be cut by 25-percent if the Conservatives get voted into power. “This will be to totalitarian governments that are hostile to Canada,” Sloan says, specifically pointing to North Kora, China, and Iran. When it comes to China, he says the Conservatives will cut funding to the Asian Infrastructure Bank if elected. Canada is currently investing $256 million over five years.  “We need infrastructure at home,” Sloan says.

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He adds that countries like Italy and Argentina will also see cuts to their foreign aid, despite being friendly to Canada. “They’re middle-income countries and don’t need our money,” Sloan explains. He says $1.5 billion will also be cut in corporate welfare. “We also have a plan to make large technology companies pay their fair share of tax,” Sloan adds.

He continues on the topic of accountability saying that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has a plan for his first 100 days if he’s elected. “Voters will know very soon (if we’re elected) about how serious we are,” Sloan says.

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