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Environment Canada calling for milder than normal winter

While Environment Canada’s official winter weather prediction is still being worked on, Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada David Phillips says to expect a milder than normal winter.

He says they define the snowy season as being from December to February, even though it may start earlier in some areas of Canada. Phillips says while it may not be as “brutal” as some have predicted, you will not be disappointed by the season. “What we can feel good about is the fact that already we know in spite of what winter will be, it won’t be as long as last year,” he says. Phillips adds there will be enough powder on the ground for snowmobiling and other winter activities that dominate the rural areas of the country towards the end and beginning of the year.

At the end of October last year, Phillips points out there was already a few centimetres of snow on the ground in North Hastings. “Clearly we have not seen any of the white stuff yet,” he says. While those that are hoping for a cold, snow-filled winter might not be happy about that, Phillips says October has been positive for those that prefer a mild winter. The constant rain and average temperature that’s been a full degree warner are signs that it will be a mild winter.

Phillips says when the snow does begin to fall it’s expected that it will be mixed in with rain.

The question all Canadians are asking though is: when should I get my winter tires on? “It’s so Canadian to procrastinate,” Phillips jokes. He says he’s getting his on November 12th, but that doesn’t mean a big snow system is going to “clobber” us anytime soon. He says there’s no rush in getting them on, but don’t delay. “Put away the lawn furniture, rake up those leaves, find out where your snow pants are, oil up the snowmobile, put those get the snow tires on and get ready for it,” Phillips says.

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