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Health Unit warns about unsanitary tattoo and piercing parlours

The Renfrew County District Health Unit is urging residents to be smart when getting a tattoo or piercing.

In a press release, the RCDHU says it performs inspections on all businesses registered to perform piercings. However, they warned that any business not on their register can put you at risk.

The unit says there are a few things they want you to look out for. They say that all workstations should be clean, well lit, and organized. They also say that tools and equipment should be in good working condition, and kept clean and covered until ready for use. The unit also says that all reusable items like needle bars and forceps must be cleaned and disinfected after each client. They say the service provider should wash their hands and use gloves during tattooing and piercing services.

They say you can also refuse any service you feel is unsanitary.

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The unit says you can issue a complain if the business is not following infection prevention practices, if an infection developed after receiving service, or the business is not listed on the Health Unit’s website.

The unit says if you develop a rash or an infection to seek medical attention immediately.

Written by Trevor Smith-Millar

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