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Ford urges cottagers to stay out of Cottage Country

Premier Doug Ford has finally told people to stay out of Cottage Country.

The Premier at the urging of Mayors, this radio station and our listeners said people who have cottages in Ontario’s central and northern areas to just stay away.

Yesterday in an interview with Vista Radio’s Director of News he said people needed to stay at their permanent homes and not put unneeded pressure on rural services like our smaller hospitals and grocery stores.

Today he reiterated the message in his daily briefing, “If you have a cottage please don’t come up to the cottage. If a bunch head up there the retail stores don’t have the vital essentials and also the hospitals, they don’t have the vital capacity that we do in urban settings.”

Ford says he has a cottage that he’d love to go too but you just can’t right now.  He says all Mayors and Wardens say that they will welcome everyone with open arms when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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