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Burn bans issued by Bancroft and Hastings Highlands

Bancroft is entering into a daytime burn ban as of April 1st, while Hastings Highlands will be under a total burn ban.

In Bancroft, burning is not allowed between 7 AM and 7 PM. For Hastings Highlands residents, no burning is allowed until further notice.

The Hastings Highlands Fire Department says they are issuing a total burn ban due to the high risk of exposure to COVID-19 while responding to calls.

The bans mean that campfires will not be allowed at cottage, private or commercial land in Bancroft or Hastings Highlands. Burning also isn’t allowed on all interior or backcountry camping sites and trails.

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Charcoal barbeques are also outlawed due to the bans as are biomass units using natural burning fuels like sticks or pinecones. Candles are also not permitted as are portable outdoor living gas, propane fire pits, or fire bowls that produce a flame and are set-up outside.

If you have an outside wood-fired boiler as a source of heat for your residence and/or hot water, you’re required to have a chimney cap in place with no larger than one quarter inch mesh in place and only burn with small fires.

Portable gas/propane/naphtha stoves or barbeques that have a fuel source and control valve are allowed in Bancroft and Hastings Highlands during the respective bans.

The daytime burning ban in Bancroft will be on until October 31st, while Hastings Highlands’ total fire ban is on until further notice.

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