After returning from her trip to the United States, Dr. Ashley White went into quarantine and through her family and friends she was able to get what she needed, she realized that’s not the case for everyone.

Before it became mandatory for everyone in Canada returning from travelling outside the country to quarantine, Quinte Health Care had that policy in place for its employees. White says she went directly from the Canada-U.S. border to her home. Thanks to family and friends she was able to get what she needed for herself and her newborn daughter along with mail from her office, but she realized not everyone is in the same position.

“I thought to myself, this is going to go on for a long time and there are people that don’t have what I have,” she tells the newsroom. With her knowledge of how to build a website, she got to work and created Bancroft Help.

“It’s based on the concept of mutual aid,” White explains. “The website is just a platform.” She says a forum like this is needs so people that need help can get it, and those that can help can advertise that. “By submitting a request for help, the group of volunteers is not guaranteeing you help, but it allows you to publically advertise what you need,” she adds. “It’s a way to connect people.”

White has brought on a co-worker to help her manage the emails that are coming in from people who are looking for help. She says that person is getting paid and as more people make requests she may start accepting donations to help ensure she continues to get paid.

“It’s all in the name of getting through this together,” White says about the website.