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Ontario reveals projection data on the number of COVID-19 cases

The Ontario government says the province will be just under 1,600 deaths from COVID-19 and 80,000 cases by the end of this month.

The projection data was delivered by the President and CEO of Public Health Ontario Dr. Peter Donnelly along with CEO and President of Ontario Health Mathew Anderson and Aldalsteinn Brown the Dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at a media briefing today.

The projected number of cases will only remain where they have been projected if all the public health measures are upheld.  Those include self-isolating, physical distancing and staying home as well as protecting the elderly and the most vulnerable, and healthcare workers.

The data suggested that Ontario would have seen 300,000 cases and 6,000 deaths if those measures had not been put in place by the government.

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Dr. Donnelly said if the government had not taken any action over the two-year course of the pandemic Ontario could have seen 100,000 deaths.

The data model shows that because we have put in public health measures over the same two-year period the province is more likely to see 3,000 to 15,000 deaths.

Dr. Donnelly says we need to continue to “bear down” and continue to do what we have been asked by authorities, “The average person needs to maintain physical distancing, stay at home unless they are an essential worker or when they have to go out and do the essential things like getting groceries and pharmacy supplies if they cannot be delivered.  If you go out to exercise it is imperative that you maintain physical-distancing and go out on your own or in a very small group that you already live with.  Do not stop to talk to someone in a normal way and maintain physical distancing.”

There were another 462 cases reported this morning bringing Ontario’s total to 3,255.  Another 14 people have died bringing the total to 67.

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