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Hundreds of thousands utilize online health assessment in Ontario

As the province enters its second two week period of strict public health measures the Chief Public Health Officer said yesterday Ontario’s decrease in case numbers is possibly because Ontarians are making a difference by following the new rules.

Dr. David Williams says Ontario’s self-assessment tool has been a big part of the province’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

According to an email sent to Vista Radio, the online tool has been visited and used 617,058 as of Sunday evening.

  • 35.5 percent of visitors were deemed to have mild and/or moderate symptoms. These individuals were instructed to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • 34.5 percent of the total were instructed to simply maintain physical distancing because of a lack of symptoms.
  • 10.5 percent of people were directed to reach out to Telehealth Ontario or contact their personal physician for a more detailed assessment.
  • 9.5 percent were asked to self-isolate because they were in a high-risk group, immune-compromised or over the age of 70.
  • 7 percent of the visitors indicated they had the most serious symptoms of COVID-19 and were directed to seek immediate assistance by calling 911 or going to a hospital.
  • 1.5 percent of those who took the self-assessment were told to self-isolate because of the possibility that they were exposed by community or close contact.

**Written by Mo Fahim


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