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North Hastings Public Library to offer curbside pick-up

Starting May 12th curbside pick-up will be available to the North Hastings Public Library’s building on Flint Avenue.

“The library will
remain closed to the public, but we are now able to return to lending books, DVDs, audiobooks and magazines by prearranged orders, and scheduled library curbside pick-ups,” the library’s CEO Kim McMunn says in a statement. “Before May 12 staff have a number of procedures to put into place, to ensure that we are operating as safely as possible, for both patrons and library staff. We recognize that this is not as convenient as being open to the public, but we are pleased that we have the opportunity to provide a modified service for our extended community.”

Since you’re unable to go into the library to browse, an online catalogue has been set-up on the library’s website. That’s also where you need to go to place an order or you can call 613-3342-3380. You also need to be a library member to use the service. If you’re not, McMunn says to contact library staff during their operating hours to sign up.

The library’s hours will be Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 AM until 3 PM and from 2 PM until 7 on Thursday and Friday. They will be closed Monday and on weekends.

Any materials borrowed must be dropped off using the library 24/7 drop-box at the front of the building. “Returning materials will be cleaned, and quarantined for a period of time, before being placed back into the lending collection,” McMunn says.

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