Quinte Health Care has released the 12 Directors for their 2020/21 Board.

David MacKinnon will serve as the Chair while Nancy Evans will be the Vice Chair. John Kearns will remain as the Treasurer.

Jessica Anderson has once again been named to the Board. She is the Executive Director of North Hastings Children’s Services. “I’m really happy to once again serve on the Board for Quinte Health Care,” she says. Anderson adds that the staff and volunteers that work with QHC deserve recognition as well.

Andrew Fleming and Gary Hannaford round out the Board as the two new members added.

“The Board’s role includes setting the plan for our four interdependent hospitals, monitoring QHC’s ongoing financial health, performance and patient care, and ensuring an effective two-way flow of communication with the public QHC serves,” Communications Director Catherine Walker says in a statement to the MyBancroftNow.com newsroom.