UPDATE, July 7th: Tudor and Cashel and Limerick Townships’ respective fire departments have issued total fire bans as well. All seven municipalities in North Hastings are now under total fire bans.

With the warm weather continuing in the area, five of the seven municipalities in Nort Hastings have issued total fire bans.

Bancroft, Hastings Highlands and Faraday, Wollaston, and Carlow/Mayo Townships have issued the bans.

Starting at 6 PM on Monday, no open-air burning will be allowed, which includes campfires used for cooking and warmth and the use of fireworks and flying lanterns.

The bans include all cottages, private and commercial spaces, all interior and backcountry campgrounds and all trails in those areas.

If caught disobeying the ban, a fine and/or charges could be laid and if you’re deemed liable you could be on the hook for all the costs associated with having to put the fire out.

Tudor and Cashel and Limerick Townships are remaining in a daytime ban which means no open-air burning is allowed from 7 AM to 7 PM.