Over $120,000 has been raised during the 17 years the Round-Up has been held by the North Hastings Hospital Auxiliary, and they hope to add more to that total.

When you purchase groceries at No Frills from July 9th to 26th, the cashiers will ask if you want to round your bill up. Co-Convener of the North Hastings Hospital Auxiliary Round-Up Susan Stevens explains that if your bill is $1.51, you can rounds it up to $2 with the extra 49 cents going to the Auxiliary. You can also donate an extra few dollars on top of that if you choose to. All proceeds from customers’ rounded up bills will go to the Auxiliary.

“Loblaws does the “Give A Little, Help A Lot” campaign where we as business owners can choose what we can do in order to help in the community,” co-owner of the No Frills in Bancroft Tony McLaughlin tells the MyBancroftNow.com newsroom. He says the first thing that popped into his and Jill’s mind was the annual Round-Up.

“Tony and Jill have taken over at the No Frills and they have stepped up,” Stevens says. “I’m overwhelmed that they’ve offered this to us.” She adds that with what they’re going through at their grocery store, she’s impressed they’re able to do the Round-Up this year.

“Businesses step up, tourists step up and the cashiers – who do most of the work – step up for us,” Stevens says. Last year, $10,119.13 was raised during the Round-Up.

This year the Auxiliary is raising money to purchase general PPE equipment like masks and gloves for the North Hastings Hospital along with a Glidescope handle. As Stevens explains, the device has an interior camera and a video monitor. It helps medical professionals do a gentle intubation.