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“Complicated at Best”: Trips and Trails Adventure Outfitting Owner Reacts to Global Bicycle Shortage

With an international shortage of bike parts affecting stores, the owner of Trips and Trails Outdoor Adventuring says getting a hold of them is a pain.

Clive Emery says that some bike suppliers are 200% oversold due to the shortage, and it’s not just bike parts. Because so many people jumped on bicycles last April, along with some factories shutting down due to COVID, the industry never really recovered from the backlog. Parts are shipped from all over the world, and between the shortage and downturn in international trade, he says sourcing bike materials is complicated at best. As a result, some bike suppliers have had to issue refunds, and some have even shut down.

However, it’s not just bikes that are an issue. Emery says boats are also in high demand, for similar reasons as the spike in bike parts. Things like plastic and plexiglass are shipped from elsewhere, and supply chains are struggling, even domestically. He called the current situation a catchup game, and he’s having issues across his entire business. The downturn in tourism last year complicated things further. His statements have been echoed by outfitting stores across the region.

Emery says he will begin operating at normal business hours on April 1st.

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