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Premier Ford says phase two of Ontario’s vaccine plan starts now

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says phase two of the province’s vaccine plan starts now.
Ford says over 2.6 million vaccine doses have been administered so far and he adds, as soon as the vaccines arrive, the focus is turning to the communities hit hardest by COVID-19 and those with the highest-risk health conditions.
He adds they are aiming to deliver over 9 million vaccinations across Ontario by the end of June.
As for the third lockdown which began on Saturday, Ford says the province made a massive move by shutting down the entire province but he says further restrictions will be announced on Wednesday.
He suggested cabinet will move to secure three areas, Toronto, York and Peel and target “big employers” and neighborhoods in hot spots.
“When you have an (inferno) going on somewhere, you have to turn the hoses there, you have to continue doing the whole province, but we’re really focusing on the, on the hot areas,” he said.
Ford says sixty per cent of the current COVID-19 cases in the province are coming from those three areas.
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