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Town of Bancroft to hold hazardous waste day, kickstarts new composting program

You’ll finally be able to get rid of those old batteries.

The Town of Bancroft will be holding a municipal hazardous or special waste day on Saturday, May 8th. It will happen at the Dungannon Waste Disposal Site on Pinnacle Road from 9 AM until 2 PM. Perry Kelly, Public Works Manager for the Town, says there will be a separate area as they enter the waste site. Staff members will assist visitors to the site and verify that they are taxpayers. They must show proof of ID or driver’s licence and municipal waste site cards, as it is against the Town’s certificate of approval to accept any other municipality’s waste.

Kelly says that anything you wouldn’t normally put in a landfill normally will be accepted at the site. On top of any and all batteries, the site will also accept things like aerosols, solvents, pesticides, car waste like oil or antifreeze, propane tanks, mercury devices, paint, acids, fluorescent tubes and pharmaceuticals. Trash that is not allowed at the waste site would include PCB-contaminated waste, as well as radioactive, pathological, industrial or commercial waste. Explosives are forbidden as well. Kelly says that if that kind of waste is brought, staff on-site can direct you to where you can drop it off. If you are unsure if your waste is acceptable, Kelly says to bring it anyway if Staff will be able to tell you if it is accepted or not.

While residents are there, they can now partake in the Town’s composting program, which will be introduced on May 8th as well. Food waste put into the unit can be used for garden fertilizer, and Perry says it will cut the amount of waste going into the Town’s waste sites. They are offering them at cost plus an admin fee for $60 a unit. The units will be shown at the waste site on Saturday, and if anyone chooses to take one, Kelly says staff will take info and will bill them accordingly.

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