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Think Turtle Conservation Initiative looking for extra nest monitors in L’Amable

With turtle populations nesting this time of year, the Think Turtle Conservation Initiative wants people to keep an eye on them.

Kelly Wallace with the Initiative says they need volunteers around the L’Amable area to conduct turtle nest monitoring activities. These people would check on nests to make sure that eggs are free from predators, all while still following the public health guidelines. The role is perfect for people who walk a certain route every day, or those willing to safely pull off the road to check on nests. While monitoring efforts are strong across North Hastings, it’s in L’Amable where they need volunteers most.

Wallace says this time of year is critical for the turtle population. Turtles in the area, which are important in maintaining the health of the local ecosystem, face the double threat of road fatalities and predation. With over a thousand turtles brought into the Initiative’s hospital each year, road fatalities have been a massive hit to turtle numbers. Along with ongoing predation from foxes and raccoons, less than 1% of turtle nests survive the year. With their long gestation periods, this means that populations are on a steady decline.

That’s why Wallace wants people to help volunteer and to be on the lookout for them on the road. Once they are alerted that a nest is in danger, the Initiative will make sure it is protected. This can lead to years of predation being effectively stopped, as turtles nest in the same areas all their lives, making it easy for predators to take their eggs. In addition, she says if anyone sees an injured turtle on the side of the road, they should get in contact with the turtle hospital. Some of them may be carrying eggs, which may still be viable. With volunteer help, Wallace hopes to give the turtle populations a chance to rebound.

To get in touch to volunteer, call the initiative 647-606-9537 or [email protected]

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