Social services for residents of Bancroft just got a lot easier to access.

The Town has signed a service agreement with the Community Information Centre of Ottawa and 211 Eastern Region. By dialling 2-1-1, residents of Bancroft will now be able to access social, health, homeless and community services. By signing this agreement, the Town will send information on its own services to better connect residents through the 2-1-1 system. 2-1-1 operators will then provide information and connect residents to any service they need.

Mayor Paul Jenkins says he was shocked that they weren’t aware of the service until it was brought to them. He called the service a “wonderful thing”, and that it should be adopted wherever it is feasible. While he isn’t certain about which municipal services will be provided by 2-1-1, the Town is still learning how it works.

Implementation of the service will begin in the coming weeks.