People may now have an easier time paying their fees at the Dungannon Waste Site.

The Town is planning to install a debit/credit card machine, in order to help smooth out the process of paying to dump at the site. In a report issued to council, Perry Kelly, Manager of Public Works, and Town Treasurer Bill Davie, says the current invoicing system used by the Town is “arduous and complicated” for staff at the site and administration. In addition, the Town reports a high rate of delinquency, as chasing down outstanding accounts is expensive and time-consuming.

The report says a grace period will be implemented where the site will accept cash. However, after a certain point, no cash will be handled by staff at the waste site. This will be so that time and energy can be saved by staff by not having to handle physical money at the site. Residential users will be the first to be able to use the machine, while commercial sector users will take a bit more time to come on board.

Council will decide to adopt the resolution at the next council-in-committee meeting.