With pandemic restrictions easing, you may soon see volunteers from the North Hastings Heritage Museum around the region.

The volunteers will be interviewing people about a variety of topics to include in their newest Book of Memories. Mary Kavanagh with the Museum says part of the move is to alleviate loneliness in seniors and to collect their stories, with volunteers checking in on them once a week. As many of the volunteers at the museum are seniors themselves, the constant contact with North Hastings residents both new and old will help build connections in the community and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Kavanaugh says a variety of story topics can be explored. In particular, volunteers are looking for stories from seniors’ youths. Memories from church, school, holidays and travel could be discussed. In particular memories about changing towns, wartime stories or arriving in Canada are just a few of the topics. With the consent of the person being interviewed, these stories will make it into the new book, “The Seniors of North Hastings Childhood Memories”.

If you have a story you would like to share with the Museum about North Hastings, email [email protected], or call them at 613-332-1884.