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Hastings Highlands increasing bulky waste fees

When residents of Hastings Highlands go to the dump with large items, they may be hit with some new fees.

Starting on October 12th, the Municipality will be charging people more in waste tipping fees. The newest charge will be for improperly sorted bulk waste and construction or demolition material. A pickup truck or trailer with this kind of waste will have to pay a $30 fee. If this debris is brought to the dump in a commercial vehicle, the fee will then be $500.

The charge on styrofoam will also be increased. Those who bring less than a three-foot-by-three-foot bag of the material will be charged $10, while those who bring over that much will be charged $30.

Finally, mattresses that are “double” sized or under will have a $20 charged tacked on if they are brought to the dump. Anything larger will cost $30 in fees.

The Municipality cites many reasons why their fees are increasing. Along with encouraging people to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills, they also want to recover the costs of disposing of these large bulk items as well. The Municipality generated nearly 4,000 tonnes of waste in 2020, with some waste sites having reached their storage limits. Municipal staff says implementing these fees brings into line their strategic plan commitment to being waste management leaders among other municipalities.

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