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Fire danger rating season set to start in Haliburton

A daytime burn ban will soon be in place throughout the County of Haliburton.

April 1st marks the start of fire danger rating season. It runs until October 31st.

Highlands East Fire Chief Chris Baughman says a daytime ban means no burning is allowed between 7 AM and 7 PM anywhere in the county. He adds that outside of those hours, it’s best to check with your area municipality before starting a fire.

While fires are allowed at certain times, Baughman says that doesn’t mean there are no hazards. “We’re already seeing it now,” he says. “The dead brown grass on the side of the road from the sun drying the snow and slush up. Those areas do catch on fire very easily.”

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Around this time last year, he says the department dealt with a fire. He explains the flames were surrounded by snow, but the dead brown grass accelerated the fire.

With that in mind, he says it’s best to wait until the snow has melted and the grass is greener before starting a fire.

When you do start a campfire, Baughman says you should be watching over it until you put it out. “You need to be fireside all the time. not sitting in the house while the fire is on in the backyard,” he says. He adds you also need to have the tools needed to put the fire out nearby.

Written by Mathew Reisler

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