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MP Shelby Kramp-Neuman excited to have Pierre Poilievre lead Conservative Party

BANCROFT – Hastings-Lennox & Addington MP Shelby Kramp-Neuman believes the Conservative Party’s new leader will unite the party and bring hope to Canadians. 

Pierre Poilievre was elected by party members for the position after taking an overwhelming majority of the votes on the first ballot of Saturday’s election.

Kramp, a Conservative herself, said she did not endorse any candidate during the leadership campaign, because she worked on the election committee and had to be non-partisan.

However, she says she’s excited about the results and called Poilievre a “brilliant orator” and “extraordinarily bright.”

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She believes Canadians are attracted to Poilievre because he’s focused on addressing cost-of-living issues. 

“We need to reduce the size of the government. We need to reduce the costs of everything,” she said. 

With Poilievre now in charge of the Opposition, Kramp-Neuman says the party will need to focus on providing real solutions and show Canadians it’s ready to form the next government.

Kramp-Neuman also called Poilievre a “moderate” and is urging voters not to be dismayed by his critics. She said she was inspired by Polievre’s first day on the job on Monday, when he addressed the party at a caucus meeting.

She said he acknowledged his rivals in the leadership race and said he wants to bring the party together.

Kramp-Neuman isn’t worried about Liberals and other political watchers, who are trying to paint the Eastern Ontario MP as one who practices divisive politics.

Instead, she sees the new leader as someone who’s trying to listen to voters’ concerns.

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