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Public Health programs can help smokers kick butt

If your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, Hastings & Prince Edward Public Health is ready to help you. 

Roberto Almeida  a tobacco control programmer with the health unit, says there are services available. 

Those who call the health unit can make an appointment to meet with a specialist to discuss nicotine patch programs, if appropriate. 

They can also get in touch with “Quit Coaches” who can give guidance on both the physical and psychological challenges that come with battling the addiction.

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“Our staff will ask, ‘How are things going? How is your quit attempt going? Are you having any nicotine cravings and, if so, how are you dealing with them and what’s your confidence level?” Almeida says. “Sometimes the conversation can veer into other areas of a person’s life, like stressors. Our staff are very open minded and non-judgmental.”

“We’re here to help you and it’s always a good time to try a quit attempt, no matter how many you’ve had before and the level of success you’ve had. So call us and we’ll assess your personal situation.” 

Almeida says that studies show it may take a person 30 attempts to be successful at quitting, so people shouldn’t be deterred if they haven’t kicked the butt yet. 

He says it’s a challenging process, which is why Public Health devotes so many resources to help people quit. 

Hastings & Prince Edward Public Health will recognize January 16 to 20 as National Non-Smoking Week. 

It’s also planning a contest, later in the year, that will award prizes for those who’ve demonstrated they’ve quit smoking or vaping.

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