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Local gatherings celebrate Imbolc on February 2nd

Local gatherings will meet for an ancient Celtic celebration this February 2nd.

Imbolc, which takes place directly between the winter solstice and spring equinox, is associated with the changing of seasons and the planting of new seeds.

Karen Warner, who has hosted Imbolc ceremonies in the area, spoke about their meaning:

“We use the ceremonies not only to follow the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth” she said, “for planting our gardens, and farmers use it for planting their fields…But it’s also an inner metaphoric journey, for planting our own garden for the year and setting our intention.”

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Local United church Minister Marilyn Zehr, has also hosted Imbolc gatherings:

She spoke about why there’s been an increase in people celebrating nature-focused holidays saying, “People are feeling the need to protect the earth. The more they pay attention to its cycles and seasons, the more they fall in love with the earth and the more likely they are to protect it”

Imbolc begins at sunset on February 1rst and ends at Sunset on February 2nd.

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