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Bancroft OPP release SCAM warning to the public

Bancroft police say that since December 1 2023,  they’ve responded to 20 fraud and scam incidents, where people have lost a combined total of over $34,000. 

One of the scams, “The Emergency Scam” is when a supposed loved one reaches out because they need money immediately and you’re the only one they trust.

The OPP say to resist the urge to act immediately. They say to verify the person’s identity by calling them directly through the number you have in your own contacts lists.

Other scams include online shopping and selling scams. OPP remind people: “if the listing price is too good to be true, it probably is” Also they say, if you are the seller, to be suspicious of customers offering to pay more than the asking price and always make sure you’ve been paid before sending a product.

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Other scams include (From Bancroft OPP)

Crypto Investments – Scammers are using social media and fraudulent websites to promote fraudulent crypto investment opportunities. Prior to investing, always ask for information on the investment. Research the team behind the offering and analyze the feasibility of the project. Verify if the company is registered by using the National Registration Tool (


Romance Scams – An attractive fake identity lures you into a web of lies spun with loving messages and sweet promises. The fraudsters play on your emotions to get you to send them money for various, convincing reasons. Never send money to someone you have never met!


Counterfeit Merchandise – Look out for huge and flashy discount ads on social media or in unsolicited emails that direct you to websites that look like legitimate manufacturers. If you do receive any inferior/counterfeit products, they could pose significant health risks.

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