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Long time area MP and MPP Daryl Kramp has passed away

Longtime serving local politician Daryl Kramp has passed away.  Throughout the 2000’s Kramp served both as MP and MPP in our area.  

Many residents and politicians have been sharing heartfelt messages of what Kramp meant to them and the community. 

Kim Bishop who many know as the chair of Back The Cat, spoke of her years working with Daryl Kramp. Her father longtime Bancroft Mayor LLoyd Churchill was also a friend: 

“I learned a lot from working with Daryl, I worked with him when he was in Ottawa and I carried on when he became an MPP” Said Bishop, “I always felt that dad and Daryl shared a lot of the same values: family first, community and country. It is definitely a profound loss” 

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Kramps successor our MPP Ric Bresee also spoke: 

“A statement I keep coming back to, that he said to me a number of times is, lead from the heart. And he always did” 

In a statement on social media our current MP Shelby Kramp- Newman, who is also Kramps daughter wrote of her father: 

“A life of greatness lived with purpose, leaving behind a legacy of love and inspiration” 

She continued, “I’m heartbroken but so proud of the beautiful life he lived” 

Mayor Paul Jenkins also expressed his appreciation for Kramp: 

“Daryl was not just a great political representative for our region, he was a great human being that dedicated his life to public service and his family. He will be missed” 

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