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Mating season means wolves and coyotes are more visible 

From January to March wolves and coyotes are out looking for mates, making them more visible to people.

One longtime Baptiste Lake resident said they recently had an uncommon wolf sighting.

“Two wolves were coming across the ice in parallel” he said “It was unusual because it was 10 in the morning, and I’ve never seen wolves on that part of the lake at that time. We see tracks all the time. But the tracks are usually left at night.”

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, if you do come across a wolf or coyote, you should keep your distance and they will likely avoid you. They say to keep an eye on your pets while outside, especially if they’re not spayed or neutered.

Also, if you come across an aggressive coyote or wolf, don’t turn your back, or run. Stay calm, wave your hands, and make noise while slowly backing away.

Learn more about preventing coyote encounters at

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