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Local author writes romance books under a pen name

You might not know the name Penelope Austin, but you might know her. 

A little less than a year ago Austin decided to try writing a romance novel. Even though she’d never written a book before, she became so caught up with her characters that she soon found herself writing two more books. 

According to Austin, The books known as the Tides Trilogy are swashbuckling fantasy romance. 

She spoke to us about what first inspired her:

“We used to go to the Florida Keys, and there was this Island that we used to kayak out to, and it was really cool “ said Austin, “And so I always joked with my husband that I was going to write a book about a male mermaid coming out of the deep and he would just roll his eyes.” Austin continued, laughing:  

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 “So I did it.” 

 Austin said the fact she wrote a spicy romance novel might be unexpected to some in the community, so for now she’s happy to have her real name out of the spotlight and use the name Penelope Austin instead.

The books can be found online in kindle and paperback by looking up Penelope Austin and the Tides Trilogy. 

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