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Walking from Whitney to Maynooth: Ceasefire pilgrimage happening this Monday

At 5:30am this Monday March 25th, people will start walking the 41 KM length of Gaza by travelling from Whitney to Maynooth.

They will meet at 5:00 a.m. at Whitney Park by the bridge on Hwy 62. 

 Gaza Ceasefire pilgrimages like this are now happening across the world. 

According to the Gaza Ceasefire pilgrimages website, the idea was started by a New Zealander named James Harris who, “feeling helpless and heartbroken was moved to walk the distance of Gaza in prayerful solidarity”

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Erin Crecelius organized the local event, with the support of the Maynooth-Madawaska Pastoral charge, and says it’s for everyone: 

“We have people who are walking who are interfaith, no faith, Christians, people who are just spiritual, people who just are upset about Gaza. There are now over 145 pilgrimages happening on every continent in this world, and that includes Antarctica. There is a person who’s doing it on a treadmill in Antarctica”  

On the Whitney – Maynooth pilgrimage there will be seven stops along the way for reflection. 

“At each stop there is a bag there” explained Crecelius, “It has a piece of poetry, a poem, a prayer. Something to help you reflect. A picture of Palestinian art and artifact. And a little notebook where you can leave your thoughts” 

Crecelius says that people can take part in any way they want, for as little or as much as they wish, by walking or driving,  

The event will end with a light supper and closing ceremony at the United church in Maynooth. 

For more information visit the Whitney-Maynooth Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage on facebook. 

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